girl sitting on floor with ripped jeans and white sweater
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Life Update

girl sitting on floor with ripped jeans and white sweater

Hi friends! It’s been a while since I logged on here so I figured it was time to break out the blog posts again. Sometimes when life gets busy, it’s easy to forget about the hobbies and passions we have that make us happy. I have decided that I need to make time for things like this that I enjoy. As you can see, I have rebranded the blog and want to focus on topics like health & nutrition, recipe creation, and personal development.

If you have read any of my earlier posts, you know that I internalize a lot until the lessons I learn overflow onto these pages. In some small way, I hope my transparency has given someone the freedom to be broken, the ability to be healed, and the strength to overcome their darkness to make way for a brighter future. Now I get to share some of my sunshine with you as I grow as a person and a professional 🌞

The last post I made was about moving home after living on my own, post-college, and the challenges of readjusting. I moved back with the purpose of starting a business and taking time to actually rest / recoup from an emotionally draining time of my life. I also wanted to spend time quality time with my family before my youngest siblings moved away to college. All of that to say, here is what has been going on since April 2018:

The Businesses


The first business venture I jumped into was Arbonne, the #1 Healthy Living Inside & Out brand in 2017. After being home for a couple weekends, one of my sister’s best friends invited me to her house where her cousin Erin was running a “Healthy Happy Hour”. If anyone knows me, they know that “health” is a total buzzword in my mind, at which point I was all ears.

On the Facebook event page, she noted that all of the snacks would be vegan AND gluten-free. Y’all don’t even know how happy I was when I saw that. Having a very limited diet, going to events that involve food is usually a struggle. I was so impressed by all of the options: veggies & hummus, chocolate almond butter (made with chocolate protein powder), rice cakes, sliced strawberries, guac, bean chips, etc. Erin even made us sample protein shakes!

Note: if anyone has ever tried vegan protein before, you know it usually equates to licking the dirt in your backyard. Gritty, earthy, and chalky. I was shocked when I took a sip of the Arbonne shake. Perfectly sweet, smooth, and delicious. Arbonne Chai protein is my favorite flavor to bake with and their Chocolate protein is my favorite to shake with.

I am also an obsessive label reader and was impressed by the short list of ingredients in Arbonne’s protein (the last two items are plant-based emulsifiers and a mineral salt used as an anti-caking agent). Arbonne has a VERY strict ingredient policy for all of their products, nutritional and skincare: Pure. Safe. Beneficial. I highly recommend doing your own research on whatever you choose to put in or on your body. I have included a link to Arbonne’s policy so you can see for yourself (the video is less than 2min long and will open in a new tab).

Aside from the awesome protein, Arbonne has a 30 Days to Healthy Living plan that works as a sustainable detox for your body. Fad diets don’t last; that’s why they are fad! But Arbonne30 is meant to transform the way you see and eat food by removing high-glycemic, inflammatory, acidic, and allergenic foods from your diet. After the program, the goal is to continue eating a diet of healthy replacements 80% of the time (the other 20%, well, sweets happens). We are not focussed on short-term restrictions that you will resort back to after 30 days. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this wonderful company and partnering with a tribe of kick-ass women (like Erin) who challenge me daily to be a better, healthier, more successful version of myself! Even better still, I am passionate about empowering other men and women to achieve their best selves in 30 days by forming healthy habits that will transform the rest of their lives!

I won’t keep ranting on (even though I totally could), but if you have questions about the Arbonne30 program or partnering with me as a brand ambassador for this wonderful company (that discount thoughhh), feel free to contact me! If you’d rather check it out for yourself, feel free to browse my store & start feeling healthy from the inside out today!

Anchor Business Strategies, LLC.

After Arbonne came ABS. I am a health fanatic by choice, business major by schooling, digital marketer by trade, and entrepreneur at heart. I hit the ground running and incorporated my digital marketing business, Anchor Business Strategies, in May of this year. I have come to realize you never truly have a plan all figured out and sometimes you just need to take a leap of faith.  In a nutshell, I help small businesses reach their goals by:

  • Creating awareness about their services to the local area through social media engagement.
  • Building their brand voice online using blog posts and local SEO (i.e. Google My Business).
  • Promoting their products and/or services through social media marketing.

My whole career, as I am sure many can relate, I have been taken advantage of; specifically for the knowledge that I possess in my industry.  I am always learning new tactics, listening to podcasts, staying informed about the newest updates, researching new tools to help streamline my workflow etc. Now, I can relay that information directly to my clients and put on a price on it instead of being exploited at a bottom rate by an employer.

The biggest hurdle I am still overcoming as a new business owner is to personally value the services I provide. In addition, making sure I transfer that perceived value tangibly to clients. I would argue that 99% of entrepreneurs at the beginning of their endeavors significantly undervalue their worth. Yet,  as a one-woman show, I wear so many hats in my own business: I am the salesperson, account manager, receptionist, marketer, web designer, accountant…etc. so I need to account for all of those services that I am providing in an hourly or packaged rate. 

I went to a Women in Business conference this past weekend and speaker Melinda Emerson, known as the SmallBizLady, said you should never be doing $20/hour work for yourself. I thought that was great advice! I never thought about it like that. I felt bad charging a higher rate on my time, but honestly, my time is valuable and I am spending twice the amount of time I am billing for to set up the project before I even complete it. Keep that in mind if you are reading this as a freelancer, business owner, or entrepreneur.

Half of the reason I started my business was due to the fact that digital marketing can have huge benefits for small businesses and I want to help them tap into that space. I am dedicated to the process and would like to see all small businesses reap the benefits that social media can provide. I am successful when they are successful so here’s to making business partners, not customers.

8 thoughts on “Life Update”

      1. Ah I totally get that. It’s so worth it! Are you a consultant or just a preferred client? Even if you can’t do the whole detox, I recommend incorporating at least the protein into your diet. Shakes are an easy, on-the-go option for a busy student!

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      2. Good for you, that’s really exciting! If you can swing the whole kit it’s definitely worth it. Best advice I can give is to make sure you document your health journey and experience with the products on social media, however that looks for you on a daily basis!

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