Hi, my name is Haley and this blog is about forming healthy habits, both inside and out! I am a multi-passionate person and founder of Anchor Business Strategies. I guess you could call me an entrepreneur, but most people just go with “the blonde”, “busy bee” or “vegan”. I have a passion for Jesus, health, & writing, but as a businesswoman, digital marketing is my vocation!

blonde girl with blue eyes wearing banana shirt smiling in front of holly bush

Over time, I have learned that “healthy” is about more than just your food choices. You can eat all the veggies, but still be mentally, physically, and/or spiritually unhealthy.

Believe me, I would know…I eat a lot of veggies being vegan and that does not always equate to living a healthy lifestyle. I wanted to start this blog as a way to heal, grow, and share my story with others.

Below is a short explanation of what you will find on different categories of my blog:

Thinking Out Loud: Thoughts on what the Lord is teaching me during my devotional time in the Bible or through the daily struggles of life in general. The first place in need of healing is your spiritual walk because it drives all other aspects of your life. Once you can admit that you are broken, the healing can begin. I have embraced the fact that I am a beautifully broken vessel being put back together, piece by piece, by my Savior Jesus Christ who already sees me as complete.

Food For Thought: In this section of my blog, I want to explain the nutritional value of certain foods and why you should be consuming them (or not).  I also want to discuss diets and fitness tips, but I haven’t quite figured out the big picture yet…but I will! Contact me with questions about health, food, or fitness topics you’d like to know more about and I’d be happy to write a post discussing it!

Recipes: One of my favorite past times is cooking up new things in the kitchen. I want people to know that they aren’t alone in the struggle to find good food that is allergy friendly, healthy, and tasty! I am always trying to make new meals and treats that mix up my diet or satisfy cravings without using unnecessary ingredients like added sugars, dairy, gluten…etc.

Half of me wants to go back to school and become a dietician, but school loans got me writing a blog instead. Instead, I do my own research and make informed decisions about what I put into my body. After much research and diet experimentation over the past few years, I have decided to remove all animal products from my diet.

I am vegan and gluten-free which adds a bit of a challenge to everyday life, but I take it in stride. My body has never felt better! I believe you can have a perfectly well-rounded and satisfying diet that is primarily plant-based. After all, some of the biggest, strongest animals are herbivores!

I am not sure where this blog will take me or what it will really become, but thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the content 🙂