Thinking Out Loud

The Dilemma of Decisions

If you know me, I hate making decisions. I am a hopeless contradiction because certain things I know right away I like or don't like. For instance, I like almond butter and dislike celery. Other, more pressing issues in life have me trumped. After I graduated, I was so overly concerned with picking a college… Continue reading The Dilemma of Decisions


Fall into Curry Soup

When I am planning my meals, I always try to buy local produce #1 to support local farmers and #2 to manage what goes into my body by choosing organic, locally sourced ingredients. Berlin Organics is the closest option for me. I have been determined to make this soup for some time now, but "curry"… Continue reading Fall into Curry Soup

organic strawberries washed in sink
Food for thought

Snack Smart

What's in your pantry? If you are new to the healthy eating arena, welcome! The best piece of advice I can give you right now is to prepare! Whether that means making your food ahead of time or making sure you have appropriate snacks in the pantry for when those midnight/afternoon cravings come.